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Based in picturesque East Suffolk, Blacked Out Britain is a unique private museum with period events space and holiday accomodation.
We tell the story of Britain’s Home Front during the Second World War and through immersive events help to create an authentic experience.

Over 35 years of collecting and studying the period we have amassed a truly one off collection that is packed with everyday items from life during the second world war. From evacuation to rationing, bus tickets to bombs, it's all here.

Through a series of rolling events and displays we capture the feel of what life was like for the men, women and children who

kept the home fires burning.



We are starting out small and have a dedicated display area with rolling exhibitions throughout the year. Many relating to the events we hold so look out for a new theme every few months.


We have been arranging immersive events for the true living historian across the country for many years and now we have an events space of our very own!
Step back in time to our wartime village hall to experience some
truly magical evenings.

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Relocated from Thetford our Nissen Hut is the first of our heritage buildings that has been erected on site, soon to be followed by its baby brother the Anderson Shelter.
We are pleased to have been granted planning permission to replace the dilapidated barn on site with a specifically designed building more in keeping the period.
All work is completely self funded so takes longer than big national projects but watch this space for updates on our progress.

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Hill House Barn, Title Road,
Middleton, Suffolk.
IP17 3NF.


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